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Our Oil on the Sagrantino Road

A day at the mill

The olives arrive at the mill and are weighed

the olives are pressed within 24 hours of harvesting

The separation from leaves, branches and other impurities begins

The olives are sifted and prepared for milling

The milling begins

The olive enters the hammer grinder and becomes olive paste which is placed in the kneaders, where it remains for about 30 minutes

Cold milling

The operating temperature of the kneaders and olive paste remains constantly around 27 degrees

Continue the milling process in the decanter

In this phase the solid components of the olive are eliminated and the first separation of the extra virgin oil takes place

The extra virgin oil is taken to the centrifuge

The centrifuge refines the product and prepares it for the subsequent stages of filtering and packaging

Processing waste treatment: pomace

The pomace is collected and subsequently transferred to a storage depot where it is collected by another company and used for multiple purposes

Processing waste treatment: vegetation water

The water present in the olives and that used during the processing phases is conveyed into a reservoir adjacent to the plant and subsequently used for the fertigation of our olive trees by creating a circular economy process