" Our oil is a handcrafted product like it used to be! "

We use only the best hand-picked olives from our own olive trees and from small owners in and around Bevagna, who are our suppliers.

The olives are cold-pressed within the day following their harvest, thus preserving all the flavors and beneficial properties of the oil.

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4 words to introduce it

LOVE for the Earth and its fruits

PASSION a visceral love for extra virgin olive oil that has been handed down for generations

HIGH QUALITY our business card

SUSTAINABILITY attention to the environment and the link with the territory are priorities

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It is from the love for the land and in particular for the extra virgin olive oil that our parents Marcello and Anna Elisa began the cultivation of olive trees in the sixties, all located on the Bevagna hill and precisely in the Madonna delle Grazie area in 400 meters of altitude.

In 1981 the family took over the Società Agricola Attone which over the years merged all the olive groves arriving at the current management of about 10,000 plants of the Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo varieties (cultivars).

In 1994 the “LA MACINA ROSSA” oil mill was opened with the start of the product packaging and marketing activity in Bevagna Traversa Madonna delle Grazie.

Marcello and Anna Elisa the founders of La Macina Rossa


Our oil is that of our olives and those of the farmers of the Bevagna area "Zona Dop Umbria Colli Martani", from whom we buy the product by collecting it every day and working it within the next 24 hours.

The mill "LA MACINA ROSSA" also carries out the processing of olives for third parties and has become over the years a point of reference for local producers to whom it provides complete assistance to defend and protect the production of our territory.

We have been collaborating for over 30 years with the Umbria Region and the Agricultural University of Perugia as a pilot company for experimental projects in the field of agricultural crops and corporate sustainability projects.

The olli mill La Macina Rossa

how did

Our product is the result of obsessive attention that we pay throughout the production cycle, starting from the techniques of cultivation and pruning of the olive trees, to continue in the collection and collection of the product to then transform the olives and obtain the extra virgin olive oil.

The day's harvest is processed within 24 hours by a Pieralisi plant certified for cold extraction: temperatures never exceed 27 degrees and the process takes place in the absence of oxygen. Techniques that allow us to have a product with excellent organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values, very low acidity and a balanced presence of polyphenolic compounds and fatty acids.

Our extra virgin olive oil is aimed at a selected clientele which grows every year and which has been loyal thanks to the high quality of the product and its unique characteristics of traceability and conservation.

This acknowledgment from our customers comforts us in our choice to guarantee the highest quality of our extra virgin olive oil every year, always aware of the great responsibility we have towards those who choose our oil.

Our mill with cold pressing


Our product is bottled and marketed under 2 brands that differ only in the production period, thus maintaining a high quality:

OTTOBRINO produced at the beginning of the oil campaign (first ten days of October) and until the end of October. It is a blend of the three different Cultivars (moraiolo leccino frantoio), it has a bright green colour, a fruity aroma with decisive bitterness and spiciness.

BARONE VERDE it is extracted in the month of November and which maintains all the organoleptic characteristics of the first oil, with a sweeter flavor depending on the different degree of ripeness of the gold-colored olives with more delicate bitterness and spiciness.

Ottobrino and Barone Verde our registered oil brands

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Our oil can be enjoyed right away with the renowned bruschetta that our Mom prepares for customers who come to visit us to buy the product during the oil campaign at the company center in Bevagna Traversa Madonna delle Grazie.

The oil goes wonderfully with all foods and in particular with meat and legume and vegetable soups.

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